Food & Beverage Franchising

We are seeking established partners in the Food & Beverage industry to expand into Laos through a collaboaration with one of our well-established regional partners.

How we can provide value to your international expansion plans:

1. Capital –  Open to joint investment.  We are a sizable group with a diversified portfolio including a bank, an airline, logistics and other businesses in  Laos. Currently, we are working on a a development project with the National University of Laos, among other projects.
2. Reach – We have already established our business activities in Laos including bank branches, petrol stations, logistics points and local mini marts throughout Laos.  
3. Experience – We have experience in the setup and successful distribution of various products in Laos for decades.
4. Advertising and co-branding in Laos – Your firm can leverage our established bank’s branding and jointly co-brand in Laos through our experienced marketing team.
5. Human resource – Tapping on the existing distribution and local minimart business, we can efficiently recruit and train new staff for your operations.
6. Domain in Laos – We can provide guidance and advice to your firm about Lao laws, taxes, employment acts, culture and specific information on the food & beverage industry.

Please email us at to start our franchise discovery.