Affiliated Companies

Phongsavanh Bank

The first 100% privately-owned local bank in Lao PDR was established in 2007. Phongsavanh Bank offers quality, modern, and reliable integrated financial transaction services which are guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in banking operations. The company’s remarkable initiatives have turned over a new leaf in Lao PDRs banking business.

APA Insurance

Phongsavanh Insurance (APA) Co., Ltd., also known as APA Insurance, was set up in 2016. It is part of the Phongsavanh Group of Companies and the only 100% privately-owned composite insurer in the Lao PDR. A composite insurer is licensed to sell both general insurance (motor, property, travel etc.) and life insurance. Since APA sold its first insurance policy in April 2017, it has continued to go from strength to strength and is ideally positioned to help improve the Lao people’s quality of life.


Phongsavanh Telecom Co., Ltd

Phongsavanh Telecom Co., Ltd. distributes innovative communication and technology products to connect people in remote areas via quality telecommunication devices and modernize the country.

Phongsavanh Construction Co., Ltd

Phongsavanh Construction Co., Ltd. provides integrated services for houses and buildings comprising skilled design, construction and interior decoration to meet clients’ needs and provide optimal satisfaction.


Khouanchay Trading Import-Export

Established since 2001, a leading wholesaler has been serving Lao people for almost two decades, Khouanchay Trading Import-Export delivers over 50,000 products of various brands to retailers across the country.


Vientiane Mineral Mining Co., Ltd.

Vientiane Mineral Mining Co., Ltd. is the foremost surveyor of mineral resources in Lao PDR, driven by experienced teams and international standard technology; its mandate is to generate income from natural resources for sustainable national development.


Petroleum Trading Lao Public Company Limited (PTL)

The first Lao fuel company to be listed in Lao Securities Exchange and accredited by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2015, the establishment of Petroleum Trading Lao or PetroTrade is a milestone in the growth of Lao PDR’s energy industry since 2008.


Moly Care

The Moly Care franchise assists drivers with car cleaning and maintenance at our gas stations.


Sitthi Inter Trading

A foremost wholesaler of quality dairy products and fertilizers offering more choices consumers.

Plus Daily Mart

Small convenience stores under the PLUS trademark offer a wide range of consumer products to satisfy modern lifestyles via attentive and sincere services.


Well Tech Lao Co., Ltd

Started in 2013, Well Tech Lao develops fleet or cash cards to facilitate payment of service charges at PLUS service stations and will seek further cooperation in expanding its service scope.


Sitthi Logistics Lao Co., Ltd

A supporting business to enhance marketing and operational efficiency, Sitthi Logistics Lao offers logistical services for Phongsavanh Group’s consumer goods including PetroTrade’s oil and petrole products.


Sitthi Logistics Thailand Co., Ltd

Moving forward in logistics business expansion to neighboring countries to transform the land-locked country into a regional land-linked hub.

Black Canyon Coffee

Black Canyon Coffee realizes the Phongsavanh Group’s aspiration to provide Lao people with nutritious food of exceptional quality and accommodate modern lifestyles since 2011. The Black Canyon Coffee franchise offers European-style food and beverages.


Jungle Cafe Lao 

Jungle Café Lao, the most recent and proud venture of the Phongsavanh Croup, is ready to welcome local and foreign vieltore with food and drinks made from quality ingredients.