Phongsavanh Group welcomed Europe Business Assembly to Laos, May 2017

In May 2017, Phongsavanh Group welcomed Ms. Tetiana Grebeniuk, Ms. Ganna Gorobets, and Ms. Anatasiya Ushakova of Europe Business Assembly (EBA) to Laos. This is the EBA representative team’s first visit to Laos and Phongsavanh Group was privileged to host the team’s visit.

During the EBA team’s visit, they met with the Chairman and Founder of Phongsavanh Group, Dr. Od Phongsavanh, as well as other representatives of Phongsavanh Group. Phongsavanh Group has also hosted the EBA team with authentic Lao cuisine and a traditional ceremony. In the next few days, the EBA team took the chance to visit several famous sightseeing spots in Laos.

IMG-20170504-WA0000From left: Mr. Michael Aw (Mekong Group), Ms. Tetiana Grebeniuk (EBA), Dr. Od Phongsavanh (Phongsavanh Group), Ms. Anatasiya Ushakova (EBA), and Ms. Ganna Gorobets (EBA)


IMG-20170529-WA0027Phongsavanh Group and EBA representatives


IMG-20170529-WA0021Traditional Lao Dinner and Ceremony




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