Phongsavanh Bank was awarded with the Best Enterprise Award in Oxford, 20 December 2016


20 December 2016,  Oxford City (United Kingdom)

At the Socrates Award Ceremony held on 20th December 2016 in Oxford City, the Europe Business Assembly was proud to present Phongsavanh Bank as a leading financial industry provider. Phongsavanh Bank was awarded with the Best Enterprise Award for the strong position in the national market and in international ratings, successful implementation of modern management technologies, high staff qualification and efficient marketing strategy.

Dr. Od Phongsavanh, President and Chairman of Honorary Advisory Committee of Phongsavanh Bank, was honoured as the Manager of the Year. Phongsavanh Bank is one of the best-known names in financial industry. Phongsavanh Bank, is the first wholly privately owned bank in Lao P.D.R. It provides full retail and commercial banking services to its client base. Phongsavanh Bank was established to develop and enhance the efficiency of local financial institutions, covering all aspects of investment promotion and facilitating direct investment by national and foreign entities.

Mr. Michael Aw, CEO of Mekong Group, was proud and honoured to have attended the Award Ceremony with Dr. Od Phongsavanh. During the summit, Mr Aw was given the chance to introduce and share with audience about Phongsavanh Group and Mekong Group. They also had the chance to interact with other business leaders who were present during the summit. We congratulate Phongsavanh Bank for being awarded with this prestigious award.

Mr Michael Aw (left) and Dr Od Phongsavanh (right)

Mr Michael Aw presenting to the audience

Courtesy of Europe Business Assembly for photos and press release writing.

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